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This is the website for the ARADIS (Arts Against Discrimination) project.

ARADIS is acronym for Arts Against Discrimination. ARADIS is a sociocultural youth project for young people who want to work against discrimination, social exclusion and racism by celebrating cultural and artistic diversity without prejudice. ARADIS is a manifestation for people who think that arts can help to make the world to be a better place for everybody.”

During a week in late April 2007, youth representing 8 various countries in Europe got together and discussed, acted out and expressed opinions about art, preventing discrimination and how to combine the two. Friends were made, thoughts were exchanged and plans for the future spawned.

For information from the awesome hosts in Vaasa, the MIRA house, visit the ARADIS section on their website.

The aradis.eu domain is webmastered by the Swedish organization KF Kretsen and contain information, images and other things related to the Aradis project and the first workshop in Vaasa, Finland and.

Participants of Aradis are welcome to register at this site.



ARADIS also has a group for participants on FACEBOOK. Search for ARADIS – Arts Against Discrimination